So you are on this page wanting to find out a bit more about us, so here are some of our likes and dislikes:

Things we like:

Yummy Cordials!

Natural Ingredients

Stuff handmade by us


Local Ingredients






Thing we don’t like: 

Horrible Cordials

Artificial Ingredients

Stuff that isn’t handmade by us (well obviously we like some stuff that isn’t handmade by us, maybe just Cordials)

Bad Parties


So there you have it, we like to have yummy cordials and cocktails, handmade by us using, where possible, ingredients that are foraged or locally sourced, served from our Hedgerow themed bar, that features owls on it at good parties. So in a nutshell, that is what we do!

We started the business in 2011. It was grown out of my (Charlotte’s) hobby for making various preserves including cordials. Eventually cordials took over our lives, and the cordial revolution is still going strong!

We pride ourselves on sticking to our ‘Hedgerow roots’ and not compromising our ingredients, even as the business grows. We won’t do it, and that’s that!

I still love to experiement with new flavours, and am always thinking of new things I can cordialise, so we will often have limited edition flavours available from the the bar.

Ross and I now run The Hedgerow Cordials Drinks Bar together, and travel all over the country with our pop up bar, spreading the love of yummy cordials!







Hedgerow HQ, Green Farm Cottage, Oak Road, thurston, Suffolk, IP31 3SN


07950 258 643