Our Flavours

All our cordials are made by us in small batches. We use the fruits as they come, no essences, concentrates, artificial colours, brought in juices or flavourings. Fruit comes into our kitchen, and cordials come out, no nonsense! As far as is possible we use ingredients that are grown by us, foraged or sourced locally with quality and taste being the most important factors. Some of our flavours are available all year round, others are available seasonally, to celebrate the ingredients when they are at their best. So there is always a Hedgerow Cordials flavour to look forward to!

Chilli and Lime Suffolk Raspberry Pear and Cinnamon Victoria Plum Elderflower and Strawberry Lemon and Mint Wild Nettle Rhubarb and Ginger Lemon and Ginger Sloe and Apple Spiced Apple Spiced Berry


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