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We, of course, think The Hedgerow Cordials Drinks Bar and all of our cordials are great! Some might say though we are a little biased, so don’t take our word for it – here is what people have told us;


“We hired The Hedgerow Cordials Drinks Bar for our wedding reception. The cocktails when we got back from the church were a real highlight, and something all our guests enjoyed!” – Diana Compson


“It was fantastic to have the delicious Hedgerow Cordials at our wedding.  Everyone absolutely loved the fantastic flavours, and they went down particularly well the morning after too!” – Jessica Easterbrook.


“Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the Chilli and Lime cordial with sparkling water, not just as as an alternative to alcohol but as an original tasting drink in its own right.” – David and Mary Burr.


“We served up Hedgerow Cordials to about eighty guests at a lunch after our wedding. They went to good use; there were a lot of good words for the Chilli and Lime in particular – highly recommended!” – Simon Traill.


“We initially ordered them so the kids wouldn’t feel left out, but the adults couldn’t keep their hands off them, with the exotic Chilli and Lime being a big hit.” – Allan Baxter


“We hired The Hedgerow Cordials Drinks Bar at the recent opening evening of our exhibition as our soft drink option. We had several flavours all of them unusual and all a great hit, particularly the Wild Nettle which was exceptional.” – Suffolk Fine Arts


“It was lovely to see all our friends and family enjoying Hedgerow Cordials at our wedding, they went down a treat, everyone loved trying the unique flavours, and we had so many comments on how gorgeous the bottles were as well. Adding them to our gin punch got the evening do off to a great start too!” – Aimee Richards

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